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Malaysia Flight 17 Fuels Ukranian Tensions
July 20, 2014
by J.A. Young
This is a 9M317 surface-to-air missile similar to the one that may have shot down Flight 17-via Wikipedia.

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New reports continue to flood the airwaves with speculation over exactly how and why Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down near the Ukrainian/Russian border early Thursday morning. Facts that have currently been confirmed by the Associated Press are that all 298 innocent passengers (including at least 10 leading AIDS researchers) died after the Boeing 777 was struck at 33,000 feet by a BUK missile. Initial suspicions suggesting that the Malaysian airliner may have suffered technical failure have now been dismissed, after statements from U.S. officials confirmed that Flight 17 was in fact hit by a Russian-made SA-6 "Gainful" surface-to-air missile.

As of now the Donbass People's Militia, which controls the wreck site, the Kremlin and the Ukrainian government are claiming no responsibility for the tragedy. The Security Service of Ukraine has publicly presented audio evidence of pro-Russian Donbass rebels discussing shooting down a civilian airliner. Vladimir Putin has unsurprisingly found grounds from which to blaim the Ukrainian government for the attacks.

The waters are murky along the Eastern border of Ukraine, and as President Barack Obama stated “the whole world is watching.” In the hours after the crash American media pundits began to throw around unclear accusations that Vladimir Putin or his allegedly-backed paramilitary troops had deliberately shot down the plane. In a recent speech following the tragedy Obama accused Putin of “waging a proxy war that led to the tragedy”.  Now that we know the plane was purposefully taken down, it will only be a matter of time before the blame is ideologically laid on the feet of one party or another. Right now one of the biggest issues surrounding the crash is the investigation of the wreckage, which is situated in an area of the country which the Ukrainian government says is run by terrorists (Donbass). As a result the major evidence left from the crash as well as the remains of the victims are unsecured.


News outlets are already starting to worry that whatever evidence from the flight is left will be tampered with or run through Russia’s aviation administration. It has been reported that the black box (s) may have been seized by the Donbass militia or sent to Moscow. A recent story according to the BBC alleged that “rescue workers say they have recovered one of the plane's "black box" flight recorders, while pro-Russian separatists are said to have discovered the second black box.”


There is one thing that can be known for sure, the American government and most of its people will play the shameful part of the hypocrites throughout the entirety of this unfortunate ordeal. While the White House and the media will deplore shooting a civilian airliner from the sky as a reprehensible act of terror, they will once again fail to understand their own history lesson.

On July 3, 1988 Iran Flight 655 was shot down over her home country’s airspace while on a planned flight path, all 290 on board, including 66 children were killed.  The plane was blown from the sky by a missile fired from the USS Vincennes, stationed in the straight of Hormuz. The United States government has repeatedly claimed that the plane was mistakenly fired upon after being identified as an enemy fighter jet, while evidence from the crash suggests this is a blatant lie. No American politicians have ever issued a formally apology for the tragedy or felt the need to admit any wrongdoing. As you can imagine this is not an event that Washington would like to crawl back into the public eye right now, no doubt the topic has already been blacklisted from major media outlets. No one will talk about when America did the exact same things as “the terrorists” just a few decades prior. U.S. military personal murdered 300 civilians, tried to cover it up, and then refuse to apologize. The fate of Malaysia flight 17 is terrible, as will be the storm of faux-morality that comes from America in its wake. Of course the results of this new disaster could also spur any number of terrible conflicts between the United States, NATO, Russia and the Ukraine. Things are only getting worse in Eurasia and now it looks like there could be a match to light the powder keg.  The world cannot afford another war right now, but it looks like two could be in the works.

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