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The Future of Can the Man
February 20, 2015
by Loren Mayshark
To our valued readers,

When Can the Man was founded in February of 2009 the idea of running an alternative media resource online could not have been more abstract to Randall and me. We had no idea what kind of journey we were about to embark upon. The past six years have been a rollercoaster of emotions and great peaks spread thin between frustrating valleys. Amazingly, nearly all of the reader feedback has been positive and our ability to reach people has continued to grow. So much positivity has reinforced our vigilance against the Man’s tyranny.

A few years ago when Randall had to take time away from Can the Man, I felt that all we worked for was adrift. Thankfully Randall’s cousin Spencer Santilli stepped up and began writing for Can the Man; the journey has not been the same since. Soon we were joined by his good friend Jay Young and with their prose, enthusiasm, and growing wisdom Can the Man has reached new heights.

The collaboration of the three of us has been the driving force behind Can the Man for nearly three years with generous contributions from some talented guest writers. In the new year, on the eve of Can the Man’s sixth anniversary, our lives are headed in different directions. However, the importance of raising awareness in this era of tyranny could not be greater. Can the Man is the outlet for so much of our creative expression, to inspire the free of minds of the world. We hope to use Can the Man to bring about what we believe humanity could use most, an evolution of thought. Therefore, in the face of great change, fear not valued readers, we will not be shutting down Can the Man. Instead we will be shifting our strategy. The articles will be a little less frequent, but our blog and social media will be more active than ever. Why are we changing? We are working on an anthology that will consist of edited versions of our most popular articles as well as some important unpublished works from our contributing writers. Again we pass into a new and exciting era.

Most importantly, we greatly appreciate all of your support in our quest. Without the interaction with our readers Can the Man would shrivel up until being swept into the great dustbin of unread prose. On to the next era, as we rise together like phoenixes from the ashes of the Man’s destruction. We are many and the Men are few, we continue to expand and reinvent ourselves into something new.

The Team @ Can the Man
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