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Mission Statement
Can the Man is dedicated to exposing those individuals or groups that use their power, wealth, or influence to further their agenda at the expense of others.  We support no political agenda and welcome all views to a place where ideas can be shared equally.  Through knowledge, critical thought, and insightful analysis we hope to bring about an evolution in the way people think so we can all live free of the Man.

Loren Mayshark
On a snowy winter eve in rural New York Randall and I were complaining about the “Man” screwing us over when the seed was planted for this website out of sheer frustration with the systematic usury employed by those who exploit the toiling masses. In our history classes and beyond we have continuously studied how the Man has taken advantage of the decent hard working people of this planet over the course of human history.  Can the Man is our attempt at raising awareness to the true source of unnecessary human suffering in hopes of giving anyone concerned with bettering their own situation a platform with which we can make real progress together.
I received my B.A. in history from Manhattanville College in 2004 and I am currently enrolled in a graduate history program at Hunter College.  In addition to my work at Can the Man, I also manage my own writing website at  By way of Can the Man we will step out of the shadows of our past into the light of the future. 

Randall Secky
I have known Loren since the fifth grade when he moved to town.  We grew up attending school together, graduating in the year of 2000.   That fall I enrolled at the University at Buffalo.  I graduated in December of 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. 

Loren and I came up with the idea for Can the Man while living a few blocks from each other in the winter of 2007.  While hanging out one night and drinking some beers, we started talking about the scourge that is the Man.  We talked about creating a website called Can the Man.  The idea faded away until the next fall when Loren came to me and said we should seriously get the site going.  Now it's 2009 and we are ready to put forth our idea for all to see. 

Spencer Santilli

(B.A. English from Bonaventure University 2012)

My introduction to Can the Man came some time ago when Randall told me about this website he had started with Loren.  I was instantly hooked on the name and became an avid reader of the articles on the site.  I joined forces with Loren this past summer where he mentioned that I would be “integral” in resurrecting Can the Man.  After a few miscellaneous bar talks, Loren decided to bring me in full time.

I never thought that I would have the chance to join such admirable men in this crusade, but consider myself extremely lucky to have this opportunity.  All of us are equally excited for the future and hope that our words can inspire you.

J.A. Young 

(B.A. Anthropology and Political Science from Geneseo State University 2012.)

I was introduced to Can the Man starting in December of 2012 by Spencer.  I was aware of the website for some time, and was intrigued by the possibility of trying my hand at journalism.  Following my first short blog article, I became a contributing editor and author at the site.   I have relished the opportunity to be able to write independent of a formal career, and have come to revere the message that we have worked so hard to develop here at Can the Man. 

To submit articles or concerns please email us at:

Note:  Attach your articles to the email.  We will read though them and if they are well written we will post them.  Please cite your sources.