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"The world forgets easily, too easily, what it does not like to remember." -Jacob Riis

-Head to the Blog to read an important piece about the election by new contributor Robin Messing.

In addition, on the  blog is an enlightening article on
spiders by new contributor Paul Westman.

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Necessary Amnesia
March 2, 2018
by J.A. Young

Understanding what consciousness is, and the way that we as “intelligent” beings perceive our world is simply the most damning intellectual pursuit available to us as human beings. It is a yearning that lies deep within even the most callow and in ...
Pass or Fail: Trump's First Test
September 9, 2017
by Spencer Santilli

There comes a time in every Presidency where the elected leader of the free world must come to grips with their own humanity. For George W. Bush, this came early on in his Presidency with the catastrophic events of 9/11 and later with the even more ...
Next Man Up: "Big Money Mitch"

Mitch McConnell

Perhaps you’ve seen him, the Man pompously walking around Washington, after yet another re-election, with nothing but money on his mind. This Man who looks like a medical room skeleton with leathery human flesh pulled taut across the feeble bones. This is a man who, if he could cry, would most definitely wipe away his tears with crisp hundred dollar bills provided by his benefactors. This wonderful man I am talking about is Mitch McConnell, Kentucky State Senator, and the “next-Man-up” of American politics. The political landscape is full of Democratic sharks and Republican wolves, men and women hell-bent on getti ...
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